Today we are going to tell you a list of the Best Addictive Games for Android. The objective is that you can enjoy simple games, but that offers you many hours of fun.

15 Best Addictive Games for Android

1. Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die Addictive Games for Android

Dumb Ways to Die game is the best entertaining and Addictive Games for Android. In this case, you will have to prevent the game characters from dying. They are so funny and beautiful that you will do everything possible to survive through the 29 mini-games that the game has. To get good results, you will have to be fast and skilled. There are indeed few levels, but since some are not easy or short, I can assure you that you will have many hours of fun.

2. Smash Hit

Smash Hit

It is another game that will not disappoint you if you want to spend many hours free. Before going into details, I want to clarify that it is free to enjoy it without problems.

Through this game, you will be able to travel through wonderful universes that will gradually hook you into this fun game. You will fall in love with the images, but you will also love the background music. Just for the soundtrack, it’s worth starting to play it. Although it is true that when you start playing it, the hours will fly by because it is very addictive. Of course, to be able to overcome the different levels, you will have to be precise, that is, it is not one of the simplest games that you will find in this list.

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3. Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is not a scary game, but a runner type zombie game. It is a game that will hook you, especially if you pass the first level, which is quite simple. Once you pass the first level, you will want more and more. It might get you so hooked that the game may even seem short, though it isn’t.

During the tour, you will have to get the maximum number of points and extras to get to overcome and level up. It is a game that has millions of players. Hence it is one of the most addictive games right now.

4. Candy Crush

candy crush

Surely you already know the Candy Crush game. It indeed has many years of life, but I can assure you that it is still one of the most addictive games right now.

The game has everything you need for hours and hours of fun. It is a game that engages, even when you have to face a level that is not easy to overcome. The problem is that it works for lives, so you will have to ask your friends, buy them or wait for hours to pass before you can resume the game. Do not forget that there are different versions of the game. You will only have to choose the one that you like the most.

5. Toilet Time

Toilet Time

More and more people are going to the bathroom with a mobile phone. If you get bored, this game will be of great help to you. It has microgames that have designed to play in those intimate moments in the bathroom.

All the mini-games that you will find inside are related to the bathroom and are free. There is so much variety of mini-games that surely more than one will hook you and become part of the daily routine.

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6. Party Trivia

Party Trivia

For you to get used to the idea, we are facing a game quite similar to the trivial one, but with the advantage that this game can be enjoyed from the mobile and is also completely free. As you may well know, the trivia game is simple, and little by little, you will be hooked. You will want to know more than the others so that you will spend many hours of fun.

It is a game that you can play individually or with your friends. As in the trivial, the objective will be to get the colored cheeses and win the game, for which you will have to answer the questions well. It is a fun game, but it can sometimes be so addictive that it can create significant spikes.

7. Dan the Man

Dan the Man

Despite being a retro design game, I can assure you that it is a game that will catch you, no matter how old you are. In my opinion, it is one of the most entertaining games currently. The fun is such that they do not stop increasing the number of downloads.

In this case, you will have to fight to overcome the different levels, which makes it an addictive game. You don’t want to stop beating levels. The graphics are indeed straightforward, but the game is so addictive that it is worth playing.

8. Brain Wars

Brain Wars

If you want an addictive game that helps you develop and improve memory, this is the best option you can bet. In this game, you will have to face a great number of mental battles to get to overcome the different levels. It may seem a bit simple at first, but as you go through the levels, the level will increase.

The battles will have to be done with other online users, that is, to play it, you will have to have an internet connection. The game is free, and the data consumption is low, you can use it on the street without problems.

Brain Wars translates to Brain Wars. This mind games app will make you exercise your mind, and you will be able to develop your full potential.

To do this, you will fight different mental exercise battles with other online users. Mind exercises to increase your brain capacity, train your brain and adapt to its speed. It is very addictive, and you will feel more active after a few days of playing it.

It is a free game for Android and iOS. A highly entertaining and highly valued game app for users who love sudokus and puzzles. And if you are not sure, don’t worry, you can train before fighting battles.

9. Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9

To finish, if you like driving games and also want it to be addictive, don’t think twice. It is a game that will hook you, and you will like it from the first moment. The game has very good graphics.

It is a fun game that will allow you to compete against other players through the internet, or you can play yourself without spending data. And of course, it has a great soundtrack that will make all competitions much more enjoyable. If you like driving games, this game will make you fall in love.

10. Magic Piano (Become a Piano Master)

Magic Piano

A fun and entertaining game and app to learn to play the piano on mobile. With one, two, three, and even four fingers, you will have to interpret all kinds of songs. The music app has several genres to choose from, from Bruno Mars or One Republic pop to Scorpions rock to Mozart’s classic tunes. It also has R&B, movies, or country genre songs. Music for all tastes!

You just have to beat levels, earn points, and unlock new songs. Some of the songs are paid, but you can enjoy free music for quite some time and with different options to go up levels without paying.

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11. CarsQuiz (a New Game to Guess the Car Model)


If you are a fan of cars in general and want to demonstrate your knowledge, don’t miss the CarsQuiz app. This application is simple, but it does what it promises. Once installed, you just have to guess which car model appears in the image.

Under each image, you have a few boxes and a few letters so you can guess the car more easily. As you advance, you will earn “gasoline” … and if you want to discover or eliminate a letter, you will have to use it.

It is a very entertaining app that will entertain you on your subway journeys or when you are bored at home without knowing what to do. You can also pose it as a game between friends: who knows more about cars? Memory, knowledge, and speed in a single game app. Enjoy! By the way, it is entirely free.

12. Fruit Ninja Free (The Game to Improve Your Agility and Speed)

Fruit Ninja

One of the most popular and downloaded mobile games on both iOS and Android. This time, it comes in a revamped version, with new characters, weapons, combos, items, levels, and accessories.

Be a real ninja and cut the fruits! But be careful not to cut the bombs, or everything will explode. It is the only thing you have to take into account to win. Make fruit combinations to earn more points and enjoy each of the game modes (Zen, Dojo, or Arcade).

13. Drinking Games

I never, the Pyramid, the hot potato, the goose of the drunkards, the lord of the three, the beer pong. We all have our favorite drinking games, from the most classic to the most modern. New technologies were not going to be left behind, and for this reason on Google Play, we can download this app for drinking games that collect the best games for parties (adults).

You and your friends can enter a challenge tournament in which points earned, and you must defeat the rest of the players. The “I never” has more than 300 phrases, and with the “Hot Potato,” you must say something related to the proposed theme before the potato that appears on the screen explodes.

And do you know the songs from Waiter !? It offers more than 70. You will also find others such as El Señor del 3, Mayor or Menor, the Drunk Deck, the Slot Machine, the Ethyl Duel, and many more.

They dice games like Quinito, card games like the Pyramid, games with objects like El Duro, those that serve for the whole night like The King’s Bodyguard, some spicier like the Ice Cube or thematic ones for television series.

14. My Talking Tom (Among the Most Downloaded Children’s Games)

My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom is one of those free kids games that you can’t miss. It has been the number one gaming app in over 130 countries.

It is about adopting a small cat and helping it to become an adult cat. Boys and girls can have their virtual pet, name it, feed it, care for it, and play with it. You can choose a cat and put accessories on it, as well as select its hair color. Also, you can decorate the house where you live and see how others have painted it. You can make up to 1000 combinations of fur, clothes, and a home!

Within the app, there are up to 10 mini-games such as Bubble Shooter, Connect Jelly Beans, or Interplanetary Jump, among others. With them, you will earn gold coins that you can invest in your pet. A total of 9 stages with 999 levels are waiting for you.

Also, the app lets you record videos from the application itself to share them on networks.

15. 4Players Reactor (One of the Best Games for Two Players)

4Players Reactor

4 Players reactor becomes one of those games to hang out with your partner or friends. It is a two-player game for Android, but it can also fit three or up to four players.

For a small fee, you will have access to more than 28 mini-games of questions and answers, with images, logic, thinking, looking, mind games in which you will have to be attentive since each incorrect answer subtracts points. Challenge after challenge you see adding correct points until you become a winner.

Every few seconds, a new challenge. Some are for the fastest, others for the thinking head; they are a set of games for everyone. The interface is intuitive, and the games are straightforward, without any pretense.

It has three difficulty modes, and you can choose between 25 languages. There is the option of the long game, fast game, or game by theme.

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