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Scientists have proven that the learning process presented as a game is much better. The developers of programs for mobile gadgets took advantage of this – they created bright and exciting gaming applications for the development of children.

All Online Courses found the best free children’s educational applications and programs for phones, smartphones, and tablets on Android and iOS systems.

Top 15 Free Best Apps for Kids Development

#1. Skazbuka

Skazbuka is one of the best Apps for Kids Development. A universal application will teach your child to read, math and English. When a child gets tired, you can watch an interesting and educational cartoon. The interface is made in calm colors and does not strain the child’s vision.

There are no age restrictions. The optimal age is from 2-6 years. In the application, tasks are divided according to the age scale. Games become more complicated as the child grows older.

The developers have added an interesting feature – the limit of playing time with which the child can not abuse the gadget. The best game for children, according to Indie Prize in 2018.

Download the application for Android, for iOS

#2. Learn Shapes And Colors

Learn shapes and colors

An application for the early development of children from two to four years old, with which the child will learn to learn the world independently. By playing, the kid will learn colors, learn to determine the geometric shape of an object, find it in space.

The kid will understand the concept of the magnitude of objects and their ratio: small-large.The application develops memory, logic, and fine motor skills: unobtrusive animations and fancy characters. 

Download the application for Android, for iOS

#3. Funny food

Funny food

We teach fruits and vegetables, colors, geometric shapes, parts, and the whole, develop the imagination of children. In one application, seventeen games with the help of which the child trains logic, memory, attention, speech, fine motor skills are collected.

The graphics are calm and unobtrusive. The application is suitable for children from three years old; however, in the market, you can find other educational apps of this edition. They included in the TOP-30 free applications on Google Play in the “For the whole family” category.

Download the application for Android, for iOS

#4. Dinosaur Tom

Dinosaur Tom

Educational games for children from two to six years. With the application of it, the child will get acquainted with the shapes of objects and colors. Dinosaur Tom will help you learn letters and syllables. Will show the difference between vowels and consonants.

If you change the language in the application, you can study in English, French, and Spanish. Vivid graphics and animation will not leave the child indifferent to the game over one million downloads.

Download the application for Android, for iOS

#5. Learning Numbers And Score

Learning numbers and score

Your children will learn numbers, their spelling, and counting from 0 to 20. The application is suitable for children from one to six years. Thoughtful tasks will help the baby develop gradually.

Learning in the form of a game contributes to more efficient assimilation of the material. Rhythmic and fun music will be to your taste; the child will easily learn the basics of mathematics. The program works in seven different languages.

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#6. Animal Sounds For Babies

Animal Sounds for Babies Best Apps for Kids

Animal sounds for kids. Learn animals name! is also one of the best apps for kids. Acquaintance with the outside world. The application is designed for ages from 1 to 5 years. The development with a very large number of interesting, rich pictures of animals and birds, with bizarre voice acting, will appeal to the baby.

Solving tasks in the game, the child will easily learn the language of the animal world, find a picture by sound, and have fun. The kid will be able to deal with the application without the help of adults. It works offline.

Download an Android app similar to iOS

#7. Drawing


We reveal creative abilities. Suitable for children from three to five years. In the application, the main emphasis is on the creative component and fine motor skills: the child will easily play with dynamic coloring and learn how to draw animals. Many bizarre characters will finally come to life – the game has a cool animation. 

Download the application for Android, for iOS

#8. Fixies


Interesting facts about familiar things. A fun tutorial with vivid animation and famous heroes will tell the child about everyday things from a new, unfamiliar side. In a playful form, the kid will be introduced to household appliances and tools, and they will talk about the life of pets.

The application promotes the development of the logic and thinking of the baby. Some facts will interest even adults. In the market, you can find many Fixics applications for any age.

Download the application for Android, for iOS

#9. Educational Games For Children

A quality app for children from two to six years old. Colorful games will help the child get acquainted with animals and birds, vegetables and fruits, musical instruments. The program develops motor skills, trains attention and memory.

Tasks become more complicated as the child’s skills and abilities increase. Pictures in the application of high resolution, which reduces eye strain in children’s eyes. Over a hundred thousand installations.

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#10. Speech Development

Speech development

The development of logical thinking and speech. The optimal age of the user is 4-7 years. The application is built from tasks based on pictures with a confusing sequence.

The plot is not complicated. The child’s goal is to restore consistency, describe what is happening on each photo, and combine it into a simple story. The game is to force logical thinking.

The child will replenish the vocabulary. The application will introduce the baby to the correct construction of the text (beginning, development of history, and ending). Parents can change the difficulty of the task, as far as the child’s abilities.

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#11. A B C. Learning Letters

A B C. Learning letters

Learning the alphabet is fun: the baby will learn the letters, learn how to pronounce and write them correctly. A lot of exciting and not tricky tasks with vivid pictures will delight the child.

A well-designed program will help the baby prepare for school. The application is equipped with a convenient and straightforward interface in which the child will understand without the help of adults. Editors’ choice on Google Play.

Download an Android app similar to iOS

#12. Home Speech Therapist

The application is mainly aimed at correcting pronunciation defects, correcting the pronunciation of the child. All material is carefully thought out and competently built by professional speech therapists, based on common shortcomings and errors in voice pronunciation.

Indeed, only by correctly pronouncing the letter, the child will learn to read and write correctly. Tasks are recommended for parents.

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#13. Semen

Application for the development of a child from 0 to 7 years. A handbook for parents that includes games, puzzles, creative activities, origami schemes, and exciting experiments. You need to start developing a child from birth. The main thing is to do it right.

The application has a convenient menu of photos and assistant’s pictures. Sections by age will help you quickly find the material of interest and entertainment for every taste. 

Download the application for Android

#14. ABC For Children

ABC for children

They are designed for children from three to six years. The child goes through mini-games, where he learns letters and put them into syllables. Thanks to funny letters and fun animation, the children themselves, without noticing it, move on to reading words.

The material is easily digestible and provides familiarity with the basics of the school. Training can be conducted in two languages ​​at the same time. Free games from Bini Bambini are leaders in the App Store and Google Play.

Download the application for Android, for iOS

#15. Math For Children

An informative and straightforward mathematical application that will help the child prepare for school. Learning occurs gradually from the concept of numbers to solving examples.

An interesting acquaintance with “addition” and “subtraction” with the help of vivid pictures will easily be deposited in the memory of the baby. Parents can change the level of difficulty in the application and monitor the progress of the child.

Download the application for Android, for iOS

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