Watching an interesting movie, a live broadcast of a television channel, a favorite series or cartoon is now easy on your gadget.

Mobile platforms represent a wide range of services, where some of them have a full database of films in the online format, while others are functional players that provide access to various resources.

In this article, We Share the Top 15 Best Apps for Watching Movies, TV Shows, and Television on Your Phone. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

Top 15 Best Apps for Watching Movies

1. JioCinema

JioCinema is An application for movie and TV series lovers, based on the Kinopoisk website. It contains an extensive film library, organizes the selection of a film based on the trailer, rating, reviews, reviews, and has cards of actors and directors involved in shooting the picture.

The program keeps track of watched films and TV shows, providing a rating list of new products. For online viewing, you need a subscription. 

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2. Lime. Free Online TV

Lime. Free Online TV

The service organizes free viewing of Russian television channels, films, and TV shows. The program catalog combines one hundred and forty channels on various topics.

Lime HD TV quickly launches and switches channels, supports voice search, and a program guide for the day, week, adds frequently viewed content to the favorites folder. 

3. Our film

Free software that contains a collection of the golden fund of Soviet cinema with a breakdown of the catalog by genre. High-quality official content – all pictures are taken on the legitimate Youtube channels of copyright holders with open access.

It supports automatic updating of the database, contains a brief description of the paintings and an available serial breakdown. It allows you to select movies for delayed viewing. 

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4. Megogo

Megogo Best Apps for Watching Movies

The popular Android application has an extensive library of films, cartoons, series, TV shows. Twenty-five thousand Full HD resolution tapes are available to users by subscription, but there are pictures in free access.

The content catalog is classified by genre. Each tape has a description, cast, ratings, and reviews. Megogo is equipped with the Google Chromecast function, offering the user to view pictures on a TV. 

Download the application for Android, for iOS

5. Okko


The software offers to watch movies, TV shows, live sports broadcasts. The media content in the database differs in the quality of the picture. New movies are updated daily.

Okko is equipped with a criticism function that expresses explanatory information for the assimilation and understanding of the tape with an adequate rating for the picture.

Most video content is available only by subscription, but there is also a movie for free, to evaluate the services. 

6. NTV


The software allows you to watch live TV channel NTV, shows, series, for free – online and in recordings.

The panel of a colorful, modern interface consists of buttons that allow you to select the format of the broadcast individually. All formats in the NTV client have individual control buttons.

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7. ivi

The software provides an extensive database of films, series, TV channels and cartoons for online viewing and downloading to the device, most are available by subscription, but there is also free content.

Defines the feed being viewed with a brief description, cast list, and rating. Settings will help to reduce the search, indicating favorite genres, desired ratings, years of the release of the tape for rent. 

8. tvzavr TV

 tvzavr TV

Software with a Russian-language interface to watch online movies, TV shows, and cartoons in HD on mobile phones and tablets.

It has settings for brightness, screen orientation, playback acceleration. Most of the content is paid, but there are also free materials, just select a filter in the search. Over a million downloads.

Programs To Watch Downloaded Video Files

1. VLC for Mobile

VLC for Mobile

Equipped with equalizer functions and filters, reads all types of files, subtitles, thematic caption texts.

It contains a library that allows you to view audio files, controlling gestures for adjusting playback proportions, volume, brightness, search. One hundred million downloads. 

2. MX Player

MX Player

MX player is a famous video player that supports all formats. Equipped with a simple, intuitive interface that fully works on weak gadgets.

The program contains the function of scaling video to fit the device with one touch, supports subtitle scrolling, and a smart lock that protects viewing from extraneous impact.

3. HD video player

HD video player

Functional player used by all kinds of files. Equipped with automatic identification of local, network SD clips supports the function of sound recording and shielding in high definition. Organizes the protection of personal information will allow you to share, rename, delete videos.

It contains hardware decoding and a small size. Plays the tape in full-screen mode and as a floating player. Equipped with a powerful equalizer with bass booster, supports automatic rotation with adjusting the aspect ratio and locking the screen. 

4. Video and media player

The software automatically identifies the device folders and SD containing the video allowing you to make the necessary settings. It includes an intelligent display and a smart search engine that displays in miniature the name, duration, size, previous editing time.

The video player is equipped with settings for visualization, orientation, and proportion of the screen slides to fast forward and rewind, screen lock and protect the user’s vision. 

5. 4K video player

4K video player

The service supports reading a wide list of Ultra HD, 4K quality files. It has a modern interface with the functions of protecting personal data, fast forward, search for similar files.

It supports night mode and playback from the last moment of the previous viewing, controls the playback speed, allowing you to turn off the sound if necessary quickly.

Works with audio files can cut the melody turning into a ringtone for the phone. It has a video capture function, customizable equalizer with enhanced bass, and virtualizer with pre-installed programs. 

6. Video player All formats

Video play and move tool. They are equipped with hardware decoding of the picture, providing high quality when viewing. Automatically identifies files by reading all formats in high definition characterized by smooth playback.

There are functions for replacing a name, cropping, sending, playing from a previously viewed video point. Protects frequent information about pictures and folders by setting a password.

Supports gesture control by adjusting brightness, volume, setting the size and orientation of the screen. The player has a stylish design and a set of customizable, colorful themes. 

7. Inshot Video Player

Inshot Video Player

The HD player reproduces HD, Ultra HD, 4K video formats, optimizing memory for playback depth. The player organizes the viewed material in the form of a list and a grid.

It is equipped with a customizable five-voice equalizer with a bass amplifier that provides stereo sound, supports screen rotation, lock, night mode, gesture settings for sound, and brightness.

It contains a set of stylish themes and the ability to view videos with a floating window by adjusting its size and place on the screen. 

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