In this article, We Share the Top 10 Best Browser for Android 2020. I am going to tell you about the Top Browser for Android, which is very secure browsers. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

You will never want to do the work that you do on your mobile. Use these private things in your mobile from the internet, see them by another man, but when we download any such thing in our mobile. Those who are not safe, or if we do the internet with the wrong browser in our mobile, then there is a lot of chance of our mobile being hacked.

You all know that there were many such things in this world which people dreamed of doing, but everything is possible in this 21st century, and in such a situation it is normal to hack our mobile. When we use the internet, then the browser plays a very important role in it.

In this post, I will give you information about the top mobile browsers that you can be very happy to use because they are advanced browsers and have many features that make our work easy and keep our mobile secure. 

Android phone is the most liked or reliable and is very user friendly too, after the arrival of Android mobile phone, the market of other phones with other operating systems has gone down, you also know that apart from apple, windows, all company making android phone.

So today we will tell you best android browser. The browser makes your internet browsing experience even better, so today we will notify you about the best browser of the android phone, which will make your browsing experience double exciting. And you can download all these browsers from Google play store, in such a way, I have submitted the link of each browser in his name, you can click and download there.

Best Browser for Android

Below I am telling you the list of all those Browsers, and I will also tell about their Features.

Best Browser for Android 2020

#1. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery privacy browseris one of the best mobile browser. And I like it very much. It gives us all kinds of facilities so that we do not have any problem with doing internet. If you see anything in it or download it, then it will be deleted by itself later.

When we turn off this browser after we are done, it automatically deletes all the data like search history, download history, deletes every password entered. In my view, the most secure browser if any This is it because it is also straightforward to do it. Also, it has been uploaded to the play store in the free version.

Ghostery Privacy Features

When you visit any blog or website, it is auto-tracked in many browsers, but it is not so in it, in this, you will be asked once whether to track or not.

There are many secret options in it, which will keep you tension free in every way.

There is a very large tracker database. There are more than 2200 trackers and more than 4000 scripts.

#2. Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero is also very perfect and advanced android phone browser like ghostery browser. You will be surprised to know that it works with https for any website.

It will give you a pleasant experience. While using the internet, you will enjoy this browser once you see it.

Dolphin Zero Features

  • The adblocker has been given in this browser, so if you are running the internet, and if you are not able to use the internet properly because of ads, or if you are having problems using the internet, then you can change the adblocker of this browser.
  • Navigation of this browser is much faster than any other browser.
  • In this browser, you will get the option of private browsing. By which you can enable private browsing at any time.

#3. CM Browser

CM Browser

CM browser must be in every Android user’s mobile because it is a fast and secure browser. It does not show any other things about the activities you do.

This means that even after you are offline, automatic delete all the data and cache. Just for this, you have to enable auto delete browsing data option.

CM Browser Features

  • You can run the internet by using this browser to be secure.
  • The speed of this browser is perfect, which every internet user needs. That speed is in this browser.

#4. Google Chrome Browser 

Google Chrome Browser

You all will know that chrome is the service of Google, and it is a popular computer browser which computer users use the most. Google is a trusted company.

And the chrome browser is google’s browser. By knowing this, you will know how good a browser it is. Sundar Pichai, the present CEO of Google, first thought about google chrome.

Google Chrome Features

  • The best feature of this browser is voice search. Meaning if we do a voice search in google chrome, then we do not need to type. You just say what you want, google will give you the result.
  • Google translate: In google chrome, you are also given the feature of google translate. With the help of which you can read any language by translating it into your language.
  • You can use the internet without opening your private browsing without saving your history.

#5. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is also a great browser for your mobile. It will also allow you to run secure internet so that you will not have any hacking tension. This browser is smart, easy to use browser. You will not have any problem using the internet here without any traces.

#6. UC Browser

UC Browser

You must have heard its name. It is also a popular browser, it is available in a lot of versions, there are many other features available like AD Blocks, faster browsing, faster downloading, gesture, incognito mode. It also has music or video player, or image viewer.

#7. Opera


OPERA is a long running browser. Its 3 versions are available. It is available for both mobile or PC. It saves you data while browsing. It has an available feature to synchronize data. , or it is very easy to use it

#8. Firefox


Firefox uses more people for PC, or there will be many people who will not even know comes for the phone, and from this, you can install from play store for your phone.

More Browsers for You

  • Javelin Browser
  • In Browser
  • Asus Browser
  • Firefox Focus

Final Word:

Friends, I have given you the Information about all those Best Browsers. If there is anything left, then you can learn by using it. I do not think you need to explain more. These browsers are very good. I think the best google chrome and CM Browser. You can choose the best browser for Yourself.

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