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Today in the Google Play Store, you can find many applications designed to clean Android. However, as experience shows, not all of them perform their function well, but there are even those that simply load the system.

Why do we need such applications, and what function do they perform? Your smartphone is continuously accumulating cache files necessary for fast applications.

However, over time, you download all new apps and stop using the old ones, while the cache files are stored on the device. Removing the cache files of such programs allows you to free some of the memory, speed up and optimize the system.

There are also cases when a correctly working application suddenly starts to “slow down” or stops working altogether. First, of all, you need to clear its cache files, which sometimes saves you from reinstalling the application, resetting its settings, or even completely resetting the smartphone to factory settings.

That is why applications for cleaning the cache are sometimes beneficial, but we will help you choose the best apps for cleaning the Android.

Here we talk about the popular free Android cleaning apps. It is worth noting that all the applications in this section contain advertising – some in more, and some in less, but in general, a lot of advertising. Also, some of the utilities can seriously slow down the device, but this concerns smartphones with poor characteristics. In this case, we recommend changing the application to clear android memory.

Top 9 Free Best Cleaning Apps for Android

#1. CCleaner

CCleaner Best Android Cleaning Apps

The application is a mobile version of the program for cleaning the computer. CCleaner will help clear the cache, optimize the operation of background applications so that they do not consume battery power too much, and also has tools for cleaning the internal memory of the smartphone.

The application is free but contains a massive amount of advertising.      

CCleaner Pros

  • Wide functionality
  • Clear internal memory
  • Pretty simple interface
  • The application is completely free

CCleaner Minuses

  • A huge amount of advertising
  • Relatively high system requirements (will not work on older smartphones)

#2. Super Cleaner

Super Cleaner

A reasonably functional phone cleaner app. The application is free but contains ads. Super cleaner offers to clear the smartphone of unnecessary cache files, including the system cache and remote apk, save battery power by forcibly stopping applications that work in the background, and also optimize the system, making it faster.

Super Cleaner Pros

  • Many useful tools
  • The application is free
  • Works great even on older, weak devices

Super Cleaner Minuses

  • A large amount of advertising

#3. GO Speed

 GO Speed

The application has typical functionality: it cleans the cache and internal memory well, and can also turn off background applications that consume a lot of resources.

GO Speed ​​can determine the applications that run with the smartphone and disable autorun for the most demanding. Users will be pleased with a small amount of advertising and free download.

GO Speed Pros

  • Almost no ads
  • Application autostart definition
  • Free
  • Perfectly optimizes system performance

GO Speed Minuses

  • On some devices, give an error and close

#4. 360 Security Antivirus

360 Security Antivirus

A convenient utility, which is primarily an antivirus, but at the same time contains tools to clean your smartphone from unnecessary files and helps to speed up the device.

The application can detect and close the most energy-intensive programs running in the background, as well as block unwanted notifications and even remotely search for a smartphone. By the way, the application also copes with the main function, that is, protecting the device from viruses.

360 Security Antivirus Pros

  • The application is free
  • Optimizes overall system performance
  • Detects background applications
  • Good antivirus

360 Security Antivirus Minuses

  • A large amount of advertising

#5. DU Speed ​​Booster

DU Speed ​​Booster

A well-known application that has long been on the market. Functionality DU Speed ​​Booster will please even a demanding user. Functionality includes options for cleaning the system of debris, saving battery power, cleaning the cache, and speeding up the system. There is also a function to reduce the temperature of the processor, though it’s difficult to judge its effectiveness.

DU Speed ​​Booster Pros

  • Wide functionality
  • Definition of energy-intensive processes
  • System Acceleration Options
  • CPU temperature reduction

DU Speed ​​Booster Minuses

  • A large number of annoying ads
  • The application will slow down and slow down devices with weak characteristics
  • No Russian language

#6. Total Cleaner

Total cleaner

Total cleaner is a popular Android cleaning application, which is also absolutely free. Their interface is very simple. This app is suitable for inexperienced users.

The quality of the translation leaves much to be desired. The application is suitable for monitoring the state of RAM and will help to remove the cache on time.

Total Cleaner Pros

  • Free
  • Simple menu
  • Suitable for devices with poor performance

Total Cleaner Minuses

  • Bad translation in places
  • A large amount of advertising

Free & Paid Android Cleaning Apps

The applications presented in this section are available for download free. However, for high-quality cleaning, optimization, and acceleration of the smartphone, tools of the extended, paid version are used. That is, you can use the application for free, but the functionality will be cut.

#7. Clean Master

Clean Master

Clean Master is a popular application that not only cleans the cache but also speeds up the system, removes ads, and can even turn off background applications when you need to save battery power.

Moreover, the application contains a built-in antivirus that will help protect the system from downloading infected files.

You can download Clean Master free from the Google Play Store. The application has a lot of advertising, which can only be disabled by purchasing the full version of the program. True, the functionality of the full version is identical to the version with advertising.

Clean Master Pros

  • Wide functionality
  • Built-in Antivirus
  • Free Download
  • Clean Outdated APKs

Clean Master Minuses

  • A massive amount of advertising in the free version

#8. All-in-one Toolbox

All in one

A popular application, which differs from similar solutions in the ability to install plugins, significantly expanding its functionality.

The utility will allow you to clear the RAM and internal memory, as well as delete the cache. The function of determining the most “gluttonous” applications running in the background will save battery power.

All-in-one Toolbox Pros

  • Wide functionality
  • The ability to install plugins
  • Battery saver
  • Works great even on devices with poor performance
  • A simple menu that even an inexperienced user will understand

All-in-one Toolbox Minuses

  • There is advertising, but its relatively few

#9. Avast Cleanup & Boost, Phone Cleaner, Optimizer

Avast Cleanup Cleanup, Acceleration, and Optimization

Avast Cleanup is an application from the developers of the famous antivirus. The utility can delete the cache, identify applications running in the background, and speed up the system. Owners of weak devices should pay attention that this application will slow down the device and noticeably slow down.

The functionality of the free version is slightly reduced, and you will have to pay extra for the extended paid version. Also, a large number of annoying ads are not happy.

Avast Cleanup Pros

  • Wide functionality
  • Application startup control
  • System acceleration
  • Built-in Antivirus

Avast Cleanup Minuses

  • Extended version paid
  • A large amount of advertising
  • Not suitable for devices with poor performance.


We have compiled the best android cleaning apps, tested by time and millions of users. They will help optimize the system, speed up the smartphone, free up memory, and clean the device efficiently.

If you are primarily looking for antivirus software, we recommend that you pay attention to the well-proven Clean Master, 360 Security Antivirus and Avast Cleanup.

For owners of smartphones with poor performance, Clean Master, Super Cleaner, or Total Cleaner are suitable. Well, for advanced users, we offer you to try CCleaner, DU Speed ​​Booster, All-In-One Toolbox, and Avast Cleanup.

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