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Such popular today training programs for the Android operating system are adapted applications that are designed to act as self-study guides for a wide variety of sciences in various training formats, with the subsequent consolidation of knowledge (exercises) and their verification (tests).

As it turned out, the use of Android for this purpose has received unexpected success and continues to gain momentum in popularity. Nothing is surprising in this, given the rhythm of life in which we live.

Therefore, users who are preoccupied with their self-education manage to have a good time even while having a snack in a cafe, traveling on the subway, or standing in a long line. And smartphones are becoming great helpers in this matter.

The versatility of the Android operating system platform allows developers to create any training programs quickly, and the topic is not a problem at all. Play Market, in principle, is not possible to surprise – in the store, you can find any directory, translator, tutorial in different formats, and degrees of difficulty.

For better perception and assimilation, all educational applications contain vivid pictures or interactive elements. For those who do not like to perceive material “dry,” as in a school textbook, it makes sense to look for an application developed in a game format.

Top 10 Best Free Educational Apps for Android

#1. Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer Indroz

Memory Trainer is the Best Free Educational Apps for Android. The program was designed to improve memory performance. The tutorial has a full name, and it sounds like “My Memory Trainer.” The essence of training is to go through a series of exercises that contain various symbols and signs.

The learner’s task for a short period of time-limited by a timer is to try to remember they are correct location and try to arrange them in the order in which they were. The program is useful for training photographic memory.

#2. Chemist for Android

Chemist for Android Indroz

A fantastic application for those students who are at school. The program is designed as a virtual laboratory where everyone can become a “professor” and conduct the most incredible experience, even explosive. The whole charm is that you can take and mix any chemicals without worrying about the consequences.

The application will appreciate high-quality 3D and detail. The pantry of the “laboratory” contains about two hundred chemical elements.

#3. LinguaLeo

LinguaLeo Indroz

Popular and loved by users of different age categories for learning English. The best option for both beginners and users with a specific knowledge base. In the application, for the convenience of perception of the material, English words are sorted by topic – only 50.

A picture supplements each topic. Training exercises allow you to consolidate the knowledge gained. The memorization scheme looks like this: word – translation, translation – word. LinguaLeo also has listening exercises, vocabulary cards, word constructors, and more.

#4. Guitar lessons

Guitar lessons

Guitar lessons is one of the best app for student who want to learn in Guitar. An application for beginners in this field is a tutorial with useful video tutorials. The effectiveness of the program is achieved through the most detailed video lessons, audio tips, photos with explanations. 

#5. 50 Languages

50 languages app Indroz Best Free Educational Apps

50 Languages is very useful application, undoubtedly like the scholars and polyglot. The program is to teach the user the basics of the vocabulary of fifty different languages.

For this, the application contains 100 lessons, which are accompanied by audio recordings. Moreover, the information contained in the lessons will be useful specifically for everyday life. Testing the knowledge gained is secured through quizzes.

#6. Oxford Dictionary of English

Developers skillfully adapt such a famous and beloved “inquisitive minds” dictionary for the Android operating system, equipped with a friendly interface and simple options, in the memory of the program about 200,000 words and 30,000 sayings and proverbs.

#7. SDAMobile

A useful functional applications for residents of Russia and its guests. Here the user will find comprehensive information about traffic rules, road signs, markings, provisions on the approval of vehicles to use. In the program, you can adjust the font size, background color.

#8. Anatomy 3D Pro

Anatomy 3D Pro Indroz

With this application, the user will plunge into the beautiful world of the human body. The unique detailing of all the subtleties in 3D format will please you.

The program is equipped with a convenient quick search function. To test your knowledge, an exciting quiz is offered.

The only restriction that may arise in using the program is that the resolution of the smartphone should be more than 480×800 px.

#9. Countries of the World

Countries of the World app Indroz

The program is useful for travelers and for those who go on a business trip to another country. It will become a kind of guide on issues of currency, form of government, division into regions, languages ​​, and others. A well-thought-out search will help you get the most information.

#10. Duolingo for Android

Duolingo for Android Indroz

Another best application designed to learn other languages. The program has gained popularity and loves thanks to the game format. Duolingo allows you to learn several languages ​​at the same time. In between lessons, you can have fun – dress up your Owl, buy new things for her.

The program will be an excellent option for teaching both adults and children. In the learning process, the game, which is thematically divided into words about food, animals, dialogs, points are awarded to the student for a completed lesson.

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