Top 10 Best Media Player for Windows 10

The computer continues to be our favorite place to store videos and movies that we collect over time. Perhaps the first argument for making this decision is because we have a storage space that allows us to store any number of videos and movies, even in high definition without problems.

However, to get the best experience, it is necessary to have an excellent multimedia player that supports the most popular video and audio-video formats. In addition to the formats, it is essential to have options such as subtitles, equalizer, play DVD videos, playback controls, among other things.

So let’s check out the best video players for computers. Some available for Windows XP, 7,8,10, Linux, macOS, and even Android and iOS devices.

In this article, We Share the Top 10 Best Media Player for Windows 10. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

10 Best Video Player for Windows PC

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

Probably the best video player in the world. VLC can play almost all multimedia formats. The application has great support for subtitles, equalizer, playback controls, and multimedia formats.

  • If you need any features that you don’t currently have in the player, you can find a plugin for the task.
  • VLC is open source and is available in two forms, the first is the traditional version, it runs as desktop software, and the other is the Windows App, which is available from the Windows Store.
  • Although both versions have some similarity, I recommend downloading the traditional version, since it has more features.

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2. ACG Player

ACG Player

Its user interface is very clear, and its design is perfectly aligned with the fluent design philosophy of Windows 10. But that’s not the only trick ACG Player has up his sleeve. ACG Player can play almost any conventional video format, and it does it discreetly.

In addition to online streaming and screen projection, ACG Media Player also offers some customization features such as font style selection for subtitles, support for gesture settings (controls for scroll speed, slide distance, etc.) and visual effects. 

You can even customize the buttons above the search bar and pop-up menu, change their order, delete/add new ones, and do much more with ACG Player.

3. 5KPlayer

Top 10 Best Media Player for Windows 10

5KPlayer has a minimalist design to play video files in a wide range of formats such as AVI, FLV, MKV, MTS / M2TS, H.265 / 264, VP8 / 9 and WebM, among others. But media playback is only one aspect of 5KPlayer’s capabilities.

You can use 5KPlayer to download and convert content from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.

5KPlayer also includes the AirPlay feature that allows users to stream media from Apple devices to their PC. In contrast, its AirMirroring feature allows users to stream iPads / iPhones screen on their computer, and also record content. In a nutshell, 5KPlayer is one of the best parts of Windows video players.

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4. Parma Video Player

Parma Video Player

I have never used a video player whose aesthetic appeal equals or exceeds Parma in its elegance or the absolute ease of navigating its interface. Parma Video Player is incredibly fast, either loading all the locally stored media files or using the playback tools like audio controls, encoding tools, etc.

  • Compatible with video transmission through its ‘ Open URL ‘ tool.
  • supports touch controls, such as swipe gestures.
  • Compatible with Windows 10.

5. Media Player Classic- Home Cinema (MPC-HC)

Media Player Classic- Home Cinema (MPC-HC)

It is one of the most popular and best rated video playback software. The great diversity of tools and customization elements that it provides are unrivaled.

  • It has functions such as frame statistics, debugging, and the extensive set of processor configuration tools.
  • MPC-HC has support for a wide selection of audio and video codec formats of the main options such as WAV, WMA, FLV to MPEG (1,2 and 4), AAC, and DivX, among others.
  • Play with variables like output range, color management, VSync, GPU control, and audio/video decoders among a host of other options.
  • The only downside is its outdated interface.
  • Compatible: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and 2000

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6. KMPlayer

Often called KMP, the KM player is very similar to VLC. It is a program that has many functions and support for almost all the main multimedia formats, including CD and DVD formats.

  • The default user interface looks a bit better than VLC Media Player; The app also has good support for adjusting audio and subtitles. Other features include an audio and video capture system, the ability to switch between various viewing modes, etc.
  • KM Player is completely free and is also available for Google Android.

7. SMPlayer


It is an open-source media player with the most popular codec capable of playing all media file formats on your PC. It also allows you to watch YouTube videos and download and use subtitles for your files.

  • Some formats: Avi, mp4, Mkv, MPEG, MOV, DivX, h.264.
  • Apply various themes
  • Download subtitles from
  • Filters, speed changes, audio, and video synchronization,
  • Available for all versions of Windows and Linux.

8. Potplayer


It plays almost all types of multimedia formats since it supports OpenCodec, where you can add your codec whenever you want. Additionally, it uses hardware acceleration to provide users with a seamless media playback environment without Lags.

  • Compatible with 3D glasses
  • Subtitle support: Text subtitles (SMI and SRT), Vobsub, Blu-ray
  • Scene preview
  • Mark a scene or chapter as favorites

9. RealPlayer – View, Download and Share Videos

RealPlayer - View, Download and Share Videos

It is a powerful player that brings unique functions for managing your videos and movies. It offers the option of downloading any video from the Web to see if it is connected.

  • Integrated converter. For example, converting from MKV to.AVI, MOV or.MP4
  • Convert videos to audio formats.
  • Put a password to the videos
  • Burn CDs.
  • Watch videos on PC on a SmartTV via Xbox One, Roku, or Chromecast via Wi-Fi.
  • Manage your multimedia catalog.

If you have a home cinema and want to control all your multimedia content from a PC, this is the application you need to view your 4K video with the best experience.

  • Plays 4K content and UHD, HDR10 Blu-ray Discs.
  • Support for 360 degree content and virtual reality dr.
  • Picture in Picture ( PIP ) watch videos in a thumbnail while opening other apps.
  • Supports 4K streaming with HDR.
  • Cast content to another device: Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, etc.

11. Bonus: Plex Player

Plex Player

Enough talking about simple video players, let’s talk about other interesting options. Plex is a home media server. After installation and setup, Plex can stream movies stored on your PC to other Plex-enabled devices in your home. Among them mobile devices, SmartTV, and other Computers.

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