Top 15 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

Is it possible to create beautiful and professional photos on the phone in a couple of minutes? Professional processing, editing, using filters, adding various effects, backgrounds, masks, stickers, highlights, creating exclusive pictures is easy.

In this article, We Share the Top 15 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

1. Picsart Photo Studio

Picsart Photo Studio

Picsart Photo Studio is an application with the opportunity for creativity and experimentation in the photo world. With the help of a powerful editor, more than a thousand actions are performed in the program.

It allows you to apply original filters, backgrounds, various special effects. There is a function of drawing with art brushes, work with image layers.

Ready-made pictures can be combined into a collage or simply saved in high quality. When uploading to Instagram, it is recommended to use the hashtag #picsart, and the developers will assist in the promotion. 

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the most popular and Best Photo Editor Apps. The program allows you to encode, make corrections, apply various filters, create collages, add watermarks, and much more.

The application allows you to reduce noise and graininess of photos taken in poor lighting conditions, increase clarity and contrast, remove haze and nebula. Image quality is not lost when saving. 

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3. Photo Lab

Photo Lab

Photo Lab is a Best Photo Editor Apps. A familiar photo will take on a new life. The application offers the user more than eight hundred effects for a complete transformation. Professional art filters, color correction, is performed, frames, glare, and background are added.

The background in the picture can be blurred or replaced. After Correction, the program suggests decorating your bow with funny masks from hats or unusual makeup. Additional functions: adding animations, creating a collage.

4. Photo Editor

Photo Editor is a Professional program for processing photos from the menu in Russian. In the application, you can: adjust color and contrast, change the size and angle of inclination, background, and add layout layouts. The drawing function, creative objects are placed directly on the picture. The offer represents a wide range of possibilities.

5. Pixlr


Pixlr is a Properly built application with a version in Russian. Allows you to quickly edit the photo using filters and carry out easy color grading. Delete unwanted objects, add inscription stickers or create a collage. Using the brush and pen tool, color sketches are created. 

6. Photowonder


Photowonder is a new picture is created in real time. The application offers various settings for the photo, changes using effects and filters allow you to process and share the finished result after a few minutes. Every week, users add new stickers and stickers. 

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7. Fotogenic

Fotogenic Best Photo Editor Apps

It contains an innovative and simple interface – a beginner will quickly master the editing technique. It includes tools for correcting photos. Girls will be able to fix the figure by stretching the picture, make themselves slimmer, add smoothness to the skin, change the shade – this is a small fraction of the application’s capabilities.

8. Airbrush


Airbrush is the best tool for Correction of photos. Professional special effects will add depth to your shots with color and light settings. Adjust the blur level. The wizard will adjust the image to the desired size and change the angle. The program contains thematic filters for children’s pictures. 

9. Photo editor

Using the editor in the application changes the brightness, contrast, size, color temperature of the photo. There is the ability to edit individual elements of the exposure. Great attention is paid to portrait shots: face correction, teeth whitening, skin discoloration. The editor eliminates the red-eye effect. 

10. Photo Studio

Photo Studio

Photo studio application is suitable for a beginner and will be useful to an advanced user. The picture-in-picture function allows you to combine two photos in one. The strengths of the application are fast processing, color correction, brightness and contrast adjustment, the imposition of various filters on the picture, stickers. With the collage function, edited images are grouped in a colorful frame.

11. Snapseed


Powerful editor developed by Google. Moving through the interface, you must select the source photo and edit. The application contains about thirty types of effects. Present portrait processing and image editing. With the function of painting and graphics, photographs will turn into an artwork.

12. PhotoDirector


Suitable for dynamic people who do everything on the go. The ability to take a picture in the application camera and quick processing creates high-quality photos. “Smart removal of objects” is an excellent opportunity to improve quality and get rid of unwanted parts. Selfie lovers will appreciate portrait correction. The program is equipped with a function to build a collage. 

13. Camera360


It is a mini photo effects lab. Using a professional and Best Photo Editor Apps. You can correct image sharpness, saturation, brightness, resize, tilt, blur the background. The beauty selfie camera contains portrait correction and instantly transforms the picture. You can add stickers and live filters, create a collage.

14. Photo Editor

Photo Editor is a fantastic app. Filters, background change, special effects, stickers, and fonts all in one application. Funny faces of animals, in combination with a photo, will add a twist to the gallery. Makeup effect – adds brightness and expressiveness.

15. Glitter Effects

High-quality photos with the effect of glitter and flickering particles. Convenient application with a simple interface and the ability to correct images. Select a picture, add glitter or dust effects – hand-drawing, apply special effects. The application offers to decorate the finished result with personal text or decorative stickers. The result is colorful photos creating greeting cards is easy.

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