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Top 10 Best Racing Games for Android

Racing games are a great entertainment choice for both boys and girls. Download racing for Android is free, without registration. Also, some games work online and offline.

If you like street racing, drift, and speed, then we will help you choose a game to your taste. Below are some exciting Android races that will appeal to even the most demanding user.

#1. Drift Max Pro

Drift max pro

The game, as the name, implies, for fans of drift. You are invited to win races, collect gold, money, and upgrade cards to build the garage of your dreams.

Two modes are available in Drift Max Pro: offline and online multiplayer with other players, and a massive amount of advertising characterizes the latter. Having collected enough tuning cards, you can upgrade cars or even build a dream car from scratch.

Also, every day, players are invited to complete tasks for which you can receive rewards. The game is free, it works offline, but you should pay attention to the fact that there is no function for saving progress in the cloud. That is, by deleting the game, you will lose all progress, including in-app purchases.

Drift max pro Pros

  • Simple operation
  • Great, detailed graphics
  • Offline game mode without ads

Drift max pro Minuses

  • A massive amount of advertising online
  • You cannot save progress in the cloud.

#2. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is an excellent game with good graphics, a massive set of tracks, competitions, and cars. Real Racing 3 offers two game modes: offline and online tournament in real-time for 8 players.

The game has a well-developed detail, including damage to the car, the functions of the rear mirrors, and the like. I am also pleased with the opportunity to customize the panel and control buttons for themselves. During the race, you can rotate the camera and watch the race from any angle.

Of the minuses, obsessive advertising, which appears at the most inopportune moments, can be noted. Of course, this applies to online mode.

Real Racing 3 Pros

  • Great graphics and detail
  • The ability to customize control for yourself
  • The opportunity to participate in various events

Real Racing 3 Minuses

  • Intrusive advertising online
  • You will need at least 2.5 GB of free space to install

#3. Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 Best Racing Games for Android

Asphalt 8 is the best Racing Games in the list of Racing Games for Android. If you are a fan of racing, like to drive on cool cars and bikes, then Asphalt 8 games are just for you. In Asphalt 8, an online mode is available in which you can compete with a team of real players (up to 8 people) or offline mode. To play Asphalt 9, you must have a network connection.

Asphalt 8 has cool tricks, fantastic music, top hyper cars (Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, W Motors), and detailed detailing make Asphalt games one of the fascinating representatives of its genre.

Inveterate players will appreciate the many promotions, daily tasks, as well as ratings with friends and rivals.

Asphalt 8 Pros

  • Ability to customize controls
  • Many locations
  • Online and offline modes

Asphalt 8 Minuses

  • A lot of online advertising
  • The installation will require a lot of free space
  • Games demanding device resources

#4. Asphalt: Extreme

Asphalt Extreme

Another game of the Asphalt series from Gameloft SE is the best racing games for android, however, this time dedicated to off-road racing: dunes, canyons, swamps.

The choice of cars is simply huge from buggies and rally cars to monster trucks, pickups and trucks. Seven types of off-road vehicles will surely appeal to lovers of the genre.

The graphics of the game are excellent. Also, the application is not demanding on the resources of the device. It is suitable even for budget smartphones, which does not apply to battery consumption – its game sits noticeably quickly.

Asphalt: Extreme Pros

  • Ability to customize controls
  • Nice graphics and music
  • Huge selection of cars

Asphalt: Extreme Minuses

  • A lot of advertising
  • Internet connection required to play
  • Quickly consumes battery power.

#5. Need for Speed: NL Racing

Need for Speed NL Racing

Need for Speed: NL Racing is An arcade racing game with great graphics and a familiar storyline. Take part in races, tune cars, increase your reputation, and gain access to new races.

Fill the garage with dream supercars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani) and get ready to move away from the cops.

Need for Speed: NL Racing game is accompanied by pleasant music, and driving is very convenient and not annoying. It also pleases with many locations and a massive selection of cars.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, the main of which are a huge amount of advertising and an obsessive offer to make a purchase.

Need for Speed: NL Racing Pros

  • Good graphics and music
  • Huge selection of cars
  • Convenient management

Need for Speed: NL Racing Minuses

  • A huge amount of advertising
  • Size about 1.5 GB
  • Compulsively offers purchases
  • Required Internet Connection

#6. Street Racing 3D

3D Street Racing

Exciting racing in 3D. The plot is familiar, but many tournaments, daily tasks, and competitions will not let you get bored.

The graphics of the game are pretty good, as are the controls. They are pleased with the presence of many locations, tracks, a huge selection of cars, and tuning options.

Also, an undoubted advantage is the ability to play even on devices with poor characteristics.

3D Street Racing Pros

  • The game is undemanding to device resources
  • Many locations and cars
  • There is a multiplayer

3D Street Racing Minuses

  • A huge amount of advertising

#7. Rally Fury – Extreme Rally Racing

Rally Fury - Extreme rally racing

Rally races with realistic physics of the car’s behavior, although, of course, you can’t name the game a car simulator.

A lot of tracks, drift, racing in the mud, and extreme speed, what else is needed for a great racing game? The graphics are beautiful. There are competitions in the summer, winter and night tracks, as well as online multiplayer, thanks to which you can play with friends.

The machine control is quite convenient. You can control the touch or rotation of the device, most popular gamepads are also supported.

Rally Fury – Extreme Rally Racing Pros

  • Multiplayer for playing with friends
  • Good graphics
  • The game does not require donations for development

Rally Fury – Extreme Rally Racing Minuses

  • Not demanding on device resources
  • The choice of cars is limited.

#8. Nitro Nation Drag & Drift

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift is A classic drag racing game with excellent graphics, lots of cars, multiplayer for playing with friends, and a convenient menu.

In the game, as in other applications, donations are welcomed; however, if you wish, you can develop completely free of charge, there are enough opportunities for this. Performing tasks and participating in races, the player earns money for which he pumps cars.

Despite the standard plot, according to many players, Nitro Nation Drag & Drift is addictive for a long time.

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift Pros

  • Many cars
  • Good graphics
  • Multiplayer

Nitro Nation Drag & Drift Minuses

  • A stable internet connection required.

#9. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade is not a classic race; here, you have to compete in jet skis. On the track, the driver meets many obstacles and detours and also performs dizzying stunts. Some routes are urban waterways, and here you will meet with the police.

And the game has decent, spectacular graphics. There is a career mode, multiplayer for 8 people, a split-screen function, and many different jet skis.

The game is paid, it costs about $ 3, but there are no microtransactions or advertising in it, but there are often discounts during which you can buy it cheaper.

Riptide GP: Renegade Pros

  • Great graphics with various effects
  • No ads or donations
  • Many tracks and jet skis

Riptide GP: Renegade Minuses

  • The game is paid

#10. Traffic Racer

Traffic racer

Classic linear arcade racing where you compete with rivals, earn money, upgrade or buy new cars. The plot is straightforward, the graphics are pretty good, and the interface is simple and straightforward.

There are various tracks, five game modes: before the accident, two-way, for a while, police pursuit and free race. The controls are convenient. You can use the touch or tilt the device.

The game takes up relatively little space and is suitable for smartphones with poor performance. There is no multiplayer in Traffic Racer, but you can play offline.

Traffic Racer Pros

  • Good graphics
  • Can play offline

Traffic Racer Minuses

  • The gameplay is somewhat monotonous.


Racing is a popular genre of games that has not lost ground for many years. In our selection, you will find racing for Android on cars, motorcycles and jet skis, 3d racing, racing for two, in Russian, without the Internet or online. There are also paid applications, but they often have great discounts.

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