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What Is Video Calling Apps?

Video Calling is a name that has come in everyone’s tongue in today’s modern era. With the help of Video Calling Apps, you can talk to anyone in Video. It is technology. As you know, Earlier everyone used to keep a phone only with a normal, which used to have a SIM card, and with the help of that phone, we could only do voice calling or SMS. However, slowly, the day changed. Technology also got a further boost.

If we talked to India Video Calling When India Jio was not launched, then I had an Internet data plan was too expensive in India at that time, people used data this. But very small quantities summation you are also using the internet data on time Video Calling, or we must be. Still, since India Jio, then the logo has since launched Video Calling to the race were given when you look where look Video Call Judy on is this Video. Still, perhaps through an app, just VOLTE Direct Mobiles Those are launching phones with Video Calling is being given facilities.

But the phone does not have this feature. In that phone, Third-Party Apps are used for Video Calling. So which apps we use for Video Calling. So let’s start.

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Top 3 Best Video Calling Apps for Android and iOS

1. Google Duo

Google Duo

Google Duo must have heard the name. If not heard, I will tell you what it is. So Google Duo is a Google product developed by Google. Google believes that it is a video calling app that has a high quality video calling. Now, this app comes pre-installed in everyone’s mobile. Because it is a Google product, and all Android phones have pre-installed Google products. So Google Duo also comes installed.

The application of Video Calling is open to you the only app to and should be logged when it has to login with your number you with your friends or Video Calling can.

2. IMO


IMO is an ancient video calling app, with the help of which we make video calls? Most of the old users will use this app. If you are a user before Jio, then you must have used this app for video calling. It is a free app. With the help of this app, you can do Video calling anywhere in the world for free. Free means no subscription is required. The Internet runs with data. Just create an account from a mobile number and start video calling.

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3. WhatsApp

Best Video Calling Apps

Whatsapp is the most popular and well-known app in the world. The Voice Calling feature added well as many other features added Whatsapp comes to a new update almost daily and added some new features when the company saw that all now Video calling. Whatsapp That not stop it now Whatsapp add any feature of group video calling which help with many people Can do Video calling at one time.

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