Top 7 Best Brain Training Apps and Best for your Brain

The Technology of today Mobile Devices allows you to connect with other people anywhere in the world, take incredible photos and also have fun. What many people are unaware of that with their phones or tablets, they can do something else train their brain daily.

In the same way that we have applications for free sports, the mind also needs constant training, and you can give it through mental skill games that you can download to your device with the Android or iOS operating system.

Although some researchers question its true effectiveness, many studies confirm that they have real effects on your mind. What is certain is that it will not do you any harm to work on your mental abilities, put yourself to the test and also have fun while doing it.

To get you started on your mental toning routine, we present some of the best brain games you’ll find in the app stores.

1. Lumosity


Lumosity is one of the most recognized and publicized brain training games in the world. Lumosity is No 1 in the list Top 7 Best Brain Training Apps for Android. It consists of a series of tests or mental exercises whose main objective is to improve five essential skills for your mind: memory, speed, attention, problem solving and flexibility.

The developers implemented patterns and questions to help you better develop those five areas. They are simple games that will teach you to be more agile with mathematical skills, to make decisions, to remember and to carry out other similar tasks that require mental effort.

Its design is very minimalist, with few colours and with specific shapes, giving more the impression that it is an educational app than a game, but without limiting the fun.

Lumosity is available for Android and iOS, both in a free version with entertaining individual games and in its premium version, which can be paid monthly or annually to have access to tools that allow you to monitor the process of all your work.

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2. Rise Up

Rise Up

Rise Up is one of the best intelligence and skill games out there. Striking, colourful and with opposite approach to its rival in terms of the type of mental training it offers.

It has more free games for its users than the previous one, and it’s enjoyable. It includes short tests that are based on language challenges that can be reading comprehension or to detect a grammatical error. Although it sounds very academic, they managed to develop it in a very entertaining way that will not disappoint you.

Elevate, without a doubt, will help you a lot if you are passionate about the language and want to Improve your English grammar while entertaining yourself. Its Premium version allows you to unlock four additional games.

3. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer

As its name suggests, it is a trainer for your brain. It is more than a simple game because its creators have been in charge of certifying it through the opinions of the best experts in the world. Dr Paul Nussbaum, a renowned specialist in neuropsychology United States, endorsed its excellent results for the mind.

His opinion is invaluable since he has around 50 publications in renowned scientific journals and is an Adjunct Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

The application consists of a series of highly varied highly addictive games: anagrams, exercises to speed up the mind, visualization, spatial ability and other abilities that increase our capacity.

The software tells users what area of ​​the brain they are exercising. According to official research, this could have a positive influence on patients who have senile Alzheimer’s dementia or from conditions that affect cognitive processes. This makes Fit Brains Trainer one of the best mind games for seniors.

There is a paid version, but the free version is complete. It is available for both Android and iOS.

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4. Happify


Not all training is to improve your mind or your skills. There is a game called Happify that created to train your brain for something just as important: being happy.

According to the research on which the design of this app was based, some tasks that we can perform help us to eliminate negative thoughts from our minds, to win the battle against stress, to be more empathetic and grateful, and to remove all types of attitudes that distance us from happiness.

The game is available for the iOS and Android operating system, and thanks to it, you will be able to develop the necessary skills to be happy throughout the day. So if you feel anxious and charged with negative energy, enter the Apple Store and put yourself in the hands of Happify.

5. Peak


A group of neuroscientists is behind the development of Peak, a mobile application with a compilation of games that aim to improve your cognitive skills through different modules that will test different areas of your mind.

It is composed of more than 35 mini-games and is updated continuously. Furthermore, it has the advantage that you can access the statistics regularly and witness the progress made.

You will also have a kind of coach or personal trainer who will guide you during the different stages of the game. It is available for Android and iOS.

6. A Clockwork Brain

A Clockwork Brain

A selection of mini-games and tasks whose objective is to provide the best brain training to your mind. How is A Clockwork Brain different from other similar games on the Google Play Store or App Store? In that, it was designed with a very particular and original aesthetic set in the Victorian era. 

Their games focus on improving your skills in different skills: memory, language, attention and logical reasoning. Includes varied puzzles and quizzes that stimulate the brain and challenge you not to quit until you find the solution.

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7. Brain HQ

Brain HQ

Brain HQ is another of the games designed to improve your brain abilities comfortably with your mobile or tablet, under the premise of helping you obtain better brain health.

It consists of 29 varied exercises to exercise memory, intelligence, speed and attention, with the difference that they are structured so that you can perform them in 5-minute batches and do periodic repetitions with the intention that your mind will improve its skill in the different areas of work that it raises.

It also has the endorsement and support of a group of neuroscientists. It is available for download on Android and iOS in the freemium games section, which means that it is free to download. However, certain features of the game can only be accessed by paying a premium membership.

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