How to Increase Internet Download Speed on PC

Today, the Internet has reached the smallest village in today’s time. We Use while traveling, while doing any work, etc. With so much use of the Internet, the speed of the Internet has also reduced so much that many people would have trouble.

There is more buffering than the movie while watching the movie, which also spoils the fun of doing movies. The question of many people is How to Increase Internet Download Speed on PC.

We have talked about a few ways by which you will be able to increase your Internet speed better than before. We have given you ten Practical Tips to Increase Internet Download Speed on PC and Prevent Slow Buffering.

In this article, We Share the How to Increase Internet Download Speed on PC. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

10 Tips To Increase Internet Speed

1. Consider Your Data Cap

How to Increase Internet Download Speed on PC

There is one of the biggest culprits of Internet Speed. ISPs do not advertise their data caps for obvious reasons, but they can severely mess with your connection. A data cap means that you can use a certain amount of data every month from a few hundred megabytes to hundreds of gigabytes. If you exceed your data limit, your ISP will seriously stop your internet speed. And you will notice If you don’t know if you have a data cap, check your bill. Chances are you are done, and it will be mentioned in the fine print. If you exceed your data cap every month, talk to your provider about a plan with a higher data limit.

2. Give Your Router a Break

Reset your router every month to give the device a break and refresh your internet connection. If you experience severe speed problems, you can consider resetting your router every day. If you have a separate modem from your router, reset it as well. Resetting the modem stimulates your connection to your ISP, and what turns it on and off again is all.

Don’t want to add one more task to your to-do list? Easy, get an outlet timer like the programmable timer of the century. You can plug your modem and router into a timer that will turn the system on and off for you.

Set a timer to restart the system every night while you are in bed. That way, you can wake up to that fresh internet feeling every morning. Take care to reset your router and do not change the slat of your connection to the modem to the cheetah. But it will help, and it is a super easy fix.

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3. Reposition Your Router

Reposition Your Router

If your router in some remote corner of your house? If yes, transfer it. If the WiFi signal from the router cannot reach you, your internet connection will suffer. Place your router in the center of your house, preferably on whatever floor you roam the most. If you spend all your time in the living room on the first floor, put your router on the same level.

4. Embrace Ethernet

Everyone uses WiFi these days, which is great. Wireless connections are terrible and convenient, but they are not always fast. Enabled connections, such as Ethernet, will always be more rapid and reliable than wireless. The cable receives signals directly to your device rather than relying on over-the-air transmission.

If you can connect your most important devices to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. Connect these devices to Ethernet: TV Cable connections are best for PlayStation, Xbox, or other gaming console laptops or desktop computers, especially if you prefer to watch data massive media such as videos on your TV. Ethernet is automatically more secure than WiFi. If you want to keep your banking information completely private, then Ethernet is a better way to go.

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5. Block Ads

Block Ads

Almost every content provider displays ads. Everywhere you go online, there are endless advertisements, pictures, GIFs, and autoplay videos.

Even if you don’t mind watching ads, your internet connection does. Advertising media slows down your Internet connection, so sometimes, it is easy to block them. Install an adblocking plugin that will turn off those data autoplay videos, and you’ll free up some breathing room for your connection.

6. Use a Streamlined Browser

Streamlined Browser

If you are anything like us, you regularly keep dozens of tabs and windows open on your browser. But all open media can slow down your connection, which is why we recommended having a backup browser like Opera.

Opera streamlines all data on a web page to give you a faster browsing experience. We wouldn’t recommend using Opera daily, but if you need to see something and your WiFi connection is particularly terrible, you can switch to Opera without disturbing your tab ecosystem.

7. Install an Antivirus or Malware Scanner

If you don’t already do this, we highly recommend installing antivirus and malware scanning software. It is probably clear that any virus or malware on your computer will put a big strain on your Internet speed. Also, you should have security software installed as a general rule anyway.

Once you have some good software on board, set it up to scan regularly for viruses and malware. If an existing virus or malware found in the software, remove it by a computer technician and return to secure browsing.

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8. Install a “Clear Cache” Plugin

Clear Cache

If you have never heard “cache” on your internet browser, now is the time to find out what it is. When you visit websites and enter information, browsers collect very little information about you, often in the form of cookies. Marketers use your data to send you relevant advertisements for goods that you want to purchase based on your browsing behavior. If you have ever seen the same ad on the Internet, then you are already familiar with this concept.

To get rid of all those cookies and trackers, you have to clear the “cache” on your browser. You can do this manually, but in this way, it is easy to install a plugin so that you can do it in one click. Make a habit of clearing your cache every day so that all the accumulated data does not affect your internet speed.

9. Negotiate With Your Internet Service Provider

Internet Service Provider

Even if your city has only one ISP, it probably has several plans. If you do not like your speed, your provider can provide a high speed plan that will serve you better. Yes, we know that paying more money every month is not a fun thing, but if your Internet is driving you crazy and there is no better provider to watch, then this may be the best option for you.

Call your provider and ask for alternative plans, or research online to find out what other users are paying for similar plans. You can also find deals online that the company will not tell you on the phone.

10. Get a Different Internet Provider

Sometimes your internet provider is the biggest problem. We believe that this tip is not necessarily easy or straightforward, but it is practical and can be cheaper for you in the long run. If your internet provider is trying to give you a slow connection, consider a swap no matter how much you try.

Only a couple of Internet service providers (ISPs) are available in most areas, so a quick check should be done to see if other providers serving in your area have better prices for faster speeds. You can skim this roundup of the best ISPs to find out if an alternative provider can give you a better deal. Switching providers should be a last resort, but if you try other suggestions on our list and your pace is still sluggish, it may be time to make changes.

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