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Messenger is a mobile application that users use for instant messaging. It can also be a separate program, and in some cases, an online web service.

Every day in the modern world, the level of mobile traffic is growing and, accordingly, the demand for services is increasing, which allows you to quickly and easily correspond with both individual contacts and entire groups of people.

Thus, among the developers began a real competition for a larger number of customers. Developers are releasing new applications, each of which has the ambition to outshine competitors.

To this end, the design Ds simplified as much as possible. The most useful and popular functions are introduced. In the technical aspect, applications become less resource-intensive and with increased productivity.

#1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp Most Popular Messaging Apps

WhatsApp is a standalone Android application from Facebook, which is primarily aimed at customers conducting business.

Special business accounts and profiles allow companies to access a convenient set of tools.

It is noteworthy that in addition to communicating with their contact list, account holders can arrange mailings, turn on the automatic answering function for the most common questions, and analyze their statistics.

The application is very popular and even in the Russian-speaking sector takes one of the leading places.

#2. Telegram


Telegram was developed and released with the participation of the creator of the popular social network Vkontakte – Pavel Durov.

This is one of the fastest messengers, which also has a simple design and a set of useful functions.

Users can exchange files and documents of almost any format with each other, as well as transmit the coordinates of their location using geolocation.

Group chats support up to two hundred participants and are one of the most sought-after functions, both in business and for entertainment.

Telegram’s advantages are also quick and easy registration, high reliability, the safety of correspondence archives, and the function of auto-deleting messages by a specified timer.

#3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

This messenger is directly connected to Facebook, allowing you to quickly and easily correspond in a separate application with your entire contact list.

It has a simple design, is deprived of unnecessary functions, and has a high speed.

One of the most noteworthy features is a group video chat with fifty seats. In this case, no more than six people will be able to broadcast video, but the remaining forty-four will be able to use voice.

The number of downloads of the Facebook messenger is already in the billions, making it one of the most popular applications in the world.

#4. Viber


Viber is one of the most useful and popular mobile applications. The main advantage is that it is integrated directly into the contact book, allowing you to operate with phone numbers when using any functions.

Noteworthy is the ability to change the phone number without losing data on your Viber account.

Sending files is one of the most popular features, especially often used, both for domestic and business purposes.

The rest is a convenient and simple tool for chatting, making calls, and sharing files.

#5. Hangouts


This mobile application from Google is designed for business communications. There are functions of group video communication, as well as group text chats.

The project continues to develop actively, and developers listen to the wishes of users, implementing the necessary amendments and innovations.

The application has a geolocation function, the ability to send SMS and MMS messages, various statuses for the convenience of users and caller ID.

#6. Skype


Skype is one of the oldest services that continues to develop to this day, attracting new users and supporting its former customers. Skype allows users to make free calls on the Internet.

There are also group conversations and the ability to upload files of various formats.

Skype features are simple and straightforward, and the design is constantly undergoing improvements. At the same time, the technical component is being modernized, which makes it as productive and less demanding as possible.

#7. Snapchat


Snapchat is an American messenger that is visited by more than one hundred million users daily.

However, outside the states, the application in question is not popular.

Nevertheless, it has a lot of advantages that determine its leading position in the homeland.

It should be understood that the traditional messaging feature is not provided here. Instead, users exchange “snaps” – these are instant photos that are taken in real-time.

They are not amenable to any processing or filters, and users can vividly respond to each new photo with feedback.

The vast majority of the audience is teenagers and young people. They are more important and curious to exchange instant photos and evaluate them, rather than engage in lengthy conversations and correspondence.

#8. Threema


Unlike most of its competitors, Threema is a paid application, and its cost is several dollars.

Many users are perplexed why, when there are so many free messengers around with a multimillion-dollar audience, someone begins to distribute their product on a material basis.

This service allows its customers to remain completely anonymous, both in text messages and in voice messages.

Also, Threema is positioned as the most secure messenger, and it completely copes with all issues related to security from hacker attacks and snooping.

Among the shortcomings, users note the lack of video communications.

#9. Signal Messenger

Signal Messenger

Signal Messenger is called Signal Private Messenger and is distinguished by its increased confidentiality, as it does not transfer user information to third parties.

However, they have nothing to transfer, since the archives are not saved, and the developers themselves do not have access to correspondence. Otherwise, this is a fairly typical android application designed for correspondence and calls.

#10. Google Messages

Google Messages is an alternative to Viber, Telegram, Google Allo, and WhatsApp. For the most part, this messenger is aimed at a business audience, but Google, which is a developer, continues to experiment with a set of functions and tools.

The main distinguishing feature is the presence in it of the so-called Google Assistant. This is a specialized bot that provides answers to any questions asked, both in Russian and in English.

#11. Line


Line is a Japanese messenger that provides its users with comfort, reliability, and convenience. Line has been working for a long time, since 2011 and has already managed to gain some popularity.

The application and all the basic functions in it are free, but you will have to pay for stickers and other similar additions.

The messenger provides all the basic tools that a new product in this field should have. Also, there is a built-in photo editor that allows you to improve fresh pictures before sending them.

#12. IMO


IMO is a free and cross-platform application that is designed for communication between users and messaging.

One of the main features that competitors cannot boast of is the stability of work even in conditions of poor Internet connection. IMO has a lot of useful features and user-friendly design, but it is not very popular.

Which messenger to choose for use?

One application will not be limited, especially if you are a representative of the IT industry and multi-tasking business processes.

Each user who decides to download for himself a new or his first messenger will encounter their vast variety. Of course, everyone can make choices according to their preferences and needs.

However, especially for those who cannot decide which service to choose, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most popular applications.

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