Today we are going to tell you about the Video Sharing Platforms, What is Video Community Platforms? What are its benefits? and How You can Earn Money from These Platforms. Stay tuned in this blog post to learn more about this Video Sharing Platforms. So let’s start.

What is Video Community Platforms?

A platform where the creativity to create videos are published and shared. In recent times, we have all the video community platforms in the world. We can make money from it. Now you know that in this modern age nothing happens for free. Then it is creativity. Some platforms get more than some work. Some of the platforms give gifts to the creators so that the creators do not leave this platform.

3 Best Free Video Sharing Platforms

1. YouTube


YouTube is the world’s largest Video Community Platform. YouTube is the product of Google. It is a platform where you can learn something. You must have watched YouTube. These people publish their videos by creating channels. Every type of video is available on this platform, whether it is entertainment related or technology related.

Earn Money from YouTube

You can earn money from YouTube. However, there are some rules and conditions for this. If you create your own YouTube channel and you put videos. So, earn money on your YouTube channel within the year.

It is necessary to have a watch time of 4000 hours with subscribers. When this is complete, you can apply for AdSense. Your revenue will come from AdSense itself. And when approval is received from AdSense, then your Look at the videos will come Ads and your earnings.

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2. TikTok

TikTok Video Sharing Platforms

TikTok is the largest Video Community Platform in the world after YouTube. Today the trend of TikTok is going on. In this TikTok, we make videos and publish them. And many people also become stars by making videos on TikTok. In this TikTok, we can create a video with a 15-second lipsing. Also, there are many types of filters available, which we can use to make a video.

Earn Money from TikTok

People can earn money from this TikTok too, but it is a bit difficult because it should have many followers. After all, when you come to live, your followers will give you coins. And you can take a bank account.

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3. Likee & Vigo


After YouTube and TikTok come the number of Likee & Vigo. It is also like TikTok Video Community Platforms. In this way, you can become famous for making videos and making money. Likee in the app, you can win gifts. But if you make a video in Vigo, you get coins in it, which you can convert into currency. And you can transfer to a bank or Paytm.


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