What is Facebook Marketplace and How Does it Work

Today we will learn about the Facebook marketplace in this post. Many people have many questions about Facebook marketplace such as: What is Facebook Marketplace, How to Sell Products in Facebook Marketplace? Today we will try to answer all questions in this post.

You can open your Online Shop on Facebook and sell your products on Facebook. There is an option of Marketplace by Facebook, through which you can base your products. You do not have to pay any kind to sell goods online on Facebook Marketplace. It is free today.

In this article, We Share the What is Facebook Marketplace and How Does it Work. Don’t Waste time Lets Start!!!!

1. What is Facebook Marketplace 

What is Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an online market that allows you to buy and sell new and old brands if you have a business or if you want to sell a product, you can sell your products online on the Facebook Marketplace.

It works like Olx, just like you sell goods on Olx, in the same way, you can sell your goods in the Facebook marketplace, you only have the name of your products, You have to write the product’s photo and description about it, after that you can sell the products. 

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2. What are the Advantages of Facebook Marketplace 

If you sell your goods on online e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart, then you should have GST number only then they will allow you to sell your products on Amazon and Flipkart. But in Facebook Marketplace, you can sell goods without GST number. 

If you have a business, you can use Facebook Marketplace to make your products reach as many people as possible, and you can sell products because Facebook is a massive social networking site. Millions of people use it to sell your goods.

3. How to Open a Store in Facebook Marketplace?

You do not need a computer or laptop to open a store in Facebook Marketplace. You can also open Facebook Marketplace from your mobile. For this, first, you update your Facebook app from Google Play Store and then log in to it with Facebook Eid. 

After that, you will see an option of Marketplace in the menu, click on it. If you see the opportunity of Marketplace. If you do not see the possibility of Marketplace, then search by typing Facebook Marketplace Community in Facebook’s search bar and open it. You click on the option of Learn More in it, then your Facebook Marketplace will go open. 

As soon as the Marketplace is open, then you will see many products which are being sold by other people. If you want to buy a product, then you can contact Direct Seller and buy that product. 

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4. How to Sell Products on Facebook Marketplace 

For this, what are you selling on the Marketplace? You will see an option of that, click on it.

After that, select the name of the products you want to sell, Photos, Price, and Categories, And you can also write a description of the products. After that, you click on Next Button. 

After that, if you want to share this product in your Facebook profile and Groups, then click on them and click on Next. 

After that, you will be listed in the Products Marketplace. If anyone wants to buy your products by looking at them, then they can contact you and buy them. 

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